Twitter Space on the Next Great Power

I, Brian Wang, will be talking with Warren Redlich and @Anything Tesla about the Next Great Power. China vs USA vs India.

I will be making a case for ASEAN and Canada. We will discuss demographics, immigration-emigration and people, money and technology.

I would say that China is already a Great Power. We will have to discuss the definition. China has about 65-70% of US GDP on a nominal basis and 120% of US GDP on PPP basis. China is the largest trading partner for most of the surrounding Asian countries.

Great power: In historical mentions, the term great power refers to the states that have strong political, cultural and economical influence over nations around them and across the world.

The EU has political, economic and diplomatic influence over nations around them.

Here is a comparison of the GDP of the Allied and Axis powers in WW2.

Germany had about half of the USA but was ahead of both the UK and the Soviets.

Japan has one-fifth of the US economy but was militarily competitive from 1940 to 1944.

We will also need to discuss the future next great power from an AI dominated future and from a future with anti-aging.

The scenarios need to look at a future with mainly economic competition and one where there is military confrontation.

USA and Allies vs USSR on a PPP (Purchasing power parity) GDP basis.

The USSR was about 30% to 45% of the USA on a PPP GDP basis from 1950 to 1975.

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