Trump promises to ‘plant the American flag on Mars’ & build defense shield

The 2024 date was announced in 2019, not 2017. But even if the 2024 goal wasn’t achieved, it doesn’t really matter. The sense of urgency for the 2024 goal encouraged Pence to look at commercial alternatives to SLS.

Which was, predictably for everyone who follows the SLS program, shut down quickly by Senator Shelby. It was the wrong way to go about replacing the SLS, if that was even the goal. The only way to “replace” the SLS was to cancel the program, and Pence never advocated for that.

Furthermore, HLS (Appendix H) was announced after Pence’s March 2019 speech. As VSECOTSPE mentioned the 2024 date gave the program a kick in the pants. Before Pence’s speech, for Appendix E, NASA was thinking about a 3 element lander where the ascent module was possibly going to be governmental (not good).

You just keep proving my point that the Trump Administration announced a goal before they had any idea it was achievable.

As someone that has made a living being a professional scheduler, I understand the difference between “fake dates” and “aggressive schedules”. Fake dates are created without any knowledge about what the pacing items would be to achieve a date, whereas an aggressive schedule is one that knows what the pacing items are, and has developed approaches to solving them.

The Trump Administration never got buy-in from Congress before they announced the 2024 date, which was a failure on their part. And you can’t blame Congress for that, because the President is NOT a king. The President has to convince Congress why it is important to fund the programs they are advocating for, including the Artemis program.

Biden inherited the Artemis program, and is fine with having it continue. But otherwise Biden is not expending the kind of “political capital” that Trump SHOULD HAVE expended way back in 2017 that would have allowed NASA to fund the hardware and capabilities that are missing for returning to the Moon.

And if you think Congress was not very enthusiastic about funding a return-to-the-Moon program, just wait until Trump tries to get them to fund a Mars human landing program – there is no “National Imperative” for spending that kind of money, especially when NASA will be able to buy rides to Mars from SpaceX for a fraction of the cost.

Trump is just pontificating to get attention. Yet again… ::)

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