To arms against blackmail… and ‘Replacement Theory’… and the suborned Court

Attempts to lure married men with attractive come-ons? That’s often how it begins. But suppose you were in a Moscow hotel and got the inevitable offer (to have sex in a room with hidden cameras rolling)… and turned it down… isn’t that something to testify – even brag – about? 

The initial phases of most of these traps are usually innocuous enough that even if you fell for the initial lure, you can still say “F-you and be damned!” and often the extortionists just go away. It’s usually the second or third “we just want one more thing” that traps you in their clutches, forever.  (And yes, this correlates perfectly with Madison Cawthorne’s testimony about raampant GOP “sex orgies.”)

Has that happened to you? Did you get offered a come-on lure to compromise yourself… and refuse? 

That’s still valid info! If so and if we got enough such stories, might it finally be enough to break this thing open? 

== Replacement Theory? ==

There is an inconvenient truth here. You will not defeat this insanity and treason on moral grounds. 

If you shout – rightfully – that ‘replacement theory‘ is as racist as reversing Roe is oppressively sexist, you’ll be correct. And you’ll not be confronting the enemy on ground that matters to them. Moreover, you are ignoring what’s important to the fence sitters who can demolish the insanity, if we win enough of them over. 

(Stop dismissing that possibility! The Mad MAGAconfederate treason teeters on the edge of demographic collapse, their reason for desperate cheating. ALL we need is less than a million ‘ostrich republicans’ to get their heads yanked out of the Fox hole, and the whole thing will shatter!)

Try actually, actually looking at these people, the non-college whites who are being dangerously stoked on hysterical fear. They have one thing in common with you, a drug-like sanctimony-high that their incantations make them RIGHT!

Sure, you are mostly on the right side of both justice and history, believing in a future of inclusion and progress and science. You have facts on your side and they do not. So? The emotions are the same! 

Moreover, being right does not validate your tactics, especially when it comes to wokedly focusing on symbolisms instead of pragmatic victory. Especially, demonizing non-college whites–and now Latinos and working class Blacks–can be extremely counter-productive. As I show in Polemical Judo.

Dig it. The core of their being, manipulated by Fox every night, is not centrally racism or sexism, which are dog whistles for the unwashed. Dog whistles that enrage you into ignoring pragmatic tactics.

Think, will you, about the oligarchs who are funding this drive to turn America’s Civil War hot? Clearly, their aim is to take all power and restore feudalism. O? Is that goal thwarted by the powerless?

The enemy that’s railed-against most on Fox – try tuning in and tracking it – is a rival power demographic – one that actually stands in the way of the oligarchic putsch. That power clade is …nerds. Every fact using profession. 

Check out how often Fox-heads, some of them former Rhodes Scholars from Ivy League schools, rail against the very idea of universities and higher education! Then notice how often the fundamental emotional driver raved at the audience is… macho.

Guns. The ‘War on Men.’ De-masculinization… incels… 

Start tabulating… and then asking why is this particular core theme of anti-nerd machismo the thing they spend the most time yammering about? 

If you actually look, that’s when – even if too lazy to read Polemical Judo – you might start to ‘get’ why direct demands for fact-based wagers so terrify these idiots.

Facts have a liberal bias. They could be our greatest ally. If it weren’t for the penchant of the left to hate their allies, far more than their enemies.

== Flawed… but often good… ==

Finally, here’s an interesting story. 

San Francisco-born Wong Kim Ark returned to the city of his birth in 1895 after visiting family in China, but he was refused re-entry. John Wise, an openly anti-Chinese bigot and the collector of customs in San Francisco who controlled immigration into the port, wanted a test case that would deny U.S. citizenship to ethnic Chinese residents. But Wong fought his case all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled on March 28, 1898 that the 14th Amendment guaranteed U.S. citizenship to Wong and any other person born on U.S. soil. 

The Wong Kim Ark case established the Birthright Citizenship clause and led to the dramatic demographic transformation of the U.S. The U.S.-born children and grandchildren of immigrants from Asia and Latin America are among the nation’s fastest-growing populations. They are expected to be the majority of the country by mid-century.

Why do I mention this? Or the fact that the father of modern China – Sun Yat-Sen – got all of his support to keep up the struggle from American sympathizers?

Because we have always been a split personality people. And if you only dredge history for examples of our bad side, in order to stoke cautionary guilt trips, you turn yourself into a dishonest shrieker who ignores all the good folk who kept us moving forward.

Want proof that the NET effect has been forward? 

Try looking in a mirror.

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