Three Chinese Universities LK99 Samples Could Have One-Dimensional Superconducting Chains

China’s LK99 wikipedia reports that University of Electronic Science and Technology of China , South China University of Technology , Central South University are making LK99 samples which could have one-dimensional superconducting chains.

These are translations of incomplete research reporting and wikipedia entries. However, the basic point is that there is a lot experimental work to be done before concluding that room temperature superconducting phases can be ruled out. One dimensional strands of superconductance would be difficult to make and difficult to detect.

The difficulty is explained in an online cartoon.

Professor Luo Tianyong and Xi Zhixi (Yao Yao) found “quick silver flash jump” and “extreme speed missile” in the analysis of LK-99 produced by “Niu Jianzha” and others from Central South University using different doping methods , and the “ultra-low resistance” phenomenon. Through analysis, it is believed that the conclusions of the Peking University paper and the Max Planck Institute may be wrong. It is believed that the samples made by his team may contain “one-dimensional superconducting chains”. It cannot be ruled out that there is a room temperature superconducting phase in LK99.

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