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This is ESA is an illustrated guide to what ESA is and what we do. It has been available in print since 2019. Now this brochure is also available as an interactive publication in all ESA Member State languages. 

The brochure provides a colourful and entertaining overview of ESA’s activities and why they matter to you. It highlights a range of our missions at the cutting edge of space design and technology, from making space safer to monitoring climate change and exploring our Solar System. It also comes with an attractive space poster that you can download.

The interactive version is easy to share online with friends and family. As the school year begins for many, it makes a useful learning tool that brings ESA’s space missions to life in a colourful and easy-to-use format. The animations ensure the content is lively and the reader is in the driving seat. Share it with your kids (or their teachers!) and let them explore ESA, clicking the + icons for facts and figures.

The interactive brochure can be read on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. We recommend using the Edge or Chrome browsers.

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This is ESA

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