Tesla Investor Day Presentation Deck and Discussion

The 169 slides from Tesla Investor Day are online.

Brad Templeton is an expert on robotaxis and has been advising other companies like Waymo provides a quite positive review of the Investor Day. He has criticism of the Tesla FSD safety numbers as being 3.6 million miles per airbag deployment. The 500,000 miles per ordinary car accident is per NHTSA data on accidents per police report. The Autopilot number is 6 million miles per airbag deployment. Brad believes that Autopilot is better than FSD. However, FSD is replacing Autopilot on highways with the latest version in Beta. Nextbigfuture believes that FSD would have to be passing the 6 million miles per airbag accident on highways.

Brad does not accept Tesla model 2 pricing as he writes at Forbes. However, Brad thinks getting close on that price with subsidies will give an electric car at under $20,000. This will be very disruptive.

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