SpaceX COO and President Gwynn Shotwell says SpaceX wants to produce a rocket per day. She means one Starship per day. This was stated in her recent interview with the segment highlighted by What About it? about ten minutes in.

Currently SpaceX is making one Falcon 9 second stage a week and 9-11 first stages. (150 Merlin engines per year but they have a capability to make 300-400 Merlins per year. they are choosing a more moderate pace with no need to have so many boosters.

A Startship a day. This will mean 9 raptor engines per day for one starship per day and say 24 super heavy booster stages with 33 engines each per year. This is about 4000 raptor engines per year. About 30 times the current Merlin engine rate. They were making a factory for Raptor engines with a target capacity of 1000 per year. They will go to four times that level. They are making two launch facility and will probablu make 2000 engines per year near the Starbase launch facilities in Florida and Texas. SpaceX would want to produce engines and rockets near their planned Starbases.

SOURCES- What About It, Gwynn Shotwell
Written by Brian Wang,

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