SpaceX EVA suit

Record time?  Not really.  It will be over 13 months from announcement to flight, similar to the time from decision to flight of Berkut.  This any time spent on developing an EVA suit prior to the Polaris Dawn announcement is additional to do this.  The Gemini EVA suit was developed in 11 months.

And a decent tailor can probably do a new suit in less than a day ;)

Since we do not know the capabilities developed or the actual time spent we can compare it to other development efforts but I do not think we are qualified to comment on rankings. Technicality it’s their first EVA suit so any time is a record.

Space suits are rather more complex than you realize.
Even though will be a SUPER simplistic space suit (no onboard life support, like the old Gemini suits), its just a little more complex than your imagining.

Aside from needing to be 100% sealed for vacuum, it needs to handle major differences in pressure.
Just bending an elbow in vacuum causes significant pressure changes in different points in the suit (some high, some low). A poorly designed suit can lead to parts of the suit having pressure so low that your blood will boil or other parts being so high the suit will rupture (or both!). You need to keep the suit low enough pressure so that a person can still move the joints without the low pressure issues developing. Yet still high enough for the person to live and function.

Moving in a 1/2 atmosphere suit in vacuum is actually REALLY hard and straining on your muscles. Look up any astronaut talking about using EVA suits.

I’ve only written a rough overview of pressure issues.
There is temperature – sunlight is about 500 degrees in earth orbit

Communications, controls (how astronaut interacts and controls the suit), and many other things.
While this is a super stripped down and simple suit compared to anything NASA uses on an EVA, its still very complex.

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