SpaceX Boca Chica – Production Updates

Production Diagram #15 | 7th February, 2024 | “I don’t like doors.”

Updates since last diagram:
🔵S28 conducts a 1-engine static fire and returns to the processing stand in the garden.
🔵S28 has some engine work conducted.
🔵S29 becomes to first vehicle to enter Mega Bay 2.
🔵Engines for S29 are spotted moving to Mega Bay 2.
🔵S30 conducts 2 cryo tests.
🔵S31 moves to High Bay and receives both aft flaps.
🔵S32 moves to the Rocket Garden.
🔵S33 forward, common, and aft dome sections are scrapped. The payload bay resides in the Starfactory.
🔵”NC42 / S36″ nosecone base spotted in the Starfactory, indicating this is possibly the first of the revised Ships. All previous nosecones, up to NC41 (a pathfinder), have been accounted for.
🔵A nosecone main section is spotted, putatively for S36.
🔵Another nosecone main section and base section are spotted, putatively for S37.

🔴B10 conducts a 33-engine static fire and returns to Mega Bay 1.
🔴B10’s hot staging ring is removed and subsequently reinstalled.
🔴B11 is observed with engines installed.
🔴B12 conducts 2 cryo tests at Masseys and returns to Mega Bay 1.
🔴Stacking of B13 continues all the way until completion. Grid fins are yet to be installed.
🔴B14 aft section and aft tank #5 are spotted with a putative assignment.
🔴Booster aft section spotted, putatively assigned to B15.

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