Someone in the Neutron update thread noticed RL official website updated performance of Neutron

LEO expanded: 15,000kg, reused: 8000kg, Mars/Venus: 1,500kg
LEO: 13,000kg, Mars/Venus:1,500kg

Someone on that thread suggest the new 13,000kg could be reused performance. But given the Mars/Venus performance is unchanged.
I would say 13,000kg is more likely the new expanded performance.
And I speculate RL hide the reused performance since it is decreasing more than the 13.4% decrease of expanded performance.

Also, if the rumor on they will have smaller engine is true. It will help second stage by reducing dead weight and reduce throttle needs. So, the high energy performance is relatively improved, offsetting 1st stage performance and keep the Mars/Venus performance the same.

However, the RL website did not change anything related to engine. So, the rumor may not be true, or we can wait for more update in future.

Also, this change may or may not be any sign of re-design, it could just be after more engineering, they find their prior number is not realistic.

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