RingConn Review: A Smart Ring Tracking Your Health

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them…” This isn’t Mordor, but we do have a ring in question, and it’s not about ruling but monitoring health. Today, we’re diving deep into our very first smart ring review — and check the RingConn.

At The Medical Futurist, we’ve had the opportunity to review countless digital health technologies, wearables, sensors, and services. But believe it or not, we never had a smart ring – until now. Now, we’ve added a new trophy to that list. Here’s an account of our journey with the RingConn, tested by Dr. Bertalan Meskó, The Medical Futurist.

How to get it?

Unless you are very confident about your ring size, you will start your journey by receiving a sizing kit. It is to ensure the ideal fit. Once the size is chosen, RingConn sends over the actual ring, and your health-tracking adventure begins. Our chief medical futurist, Dr. Meskó, chose size 11 after trying out several sizes, and according to him “it made him feel a bit like Frodo picking out his perfect ring size”.

What’s in the box? 

Upon unboxing, you will find the smart ring, a charging case, a charging station, and charging cables. The ring has a modern and minimalist design and doesn’t come off as a piece of tech wear; although if you view it from the right angle, you can see the sensors on the inside. 

Slipping it on, it’s lightweight and comfortable – the ring weighs between 3-5 grams depending on the size.

The main features

The first question our team had about the smart ring was “What does it do?”.

I think the most impressive feature is the 7-day battery life. But that’s not all! The ring comes with a portable charging case, which can fully charge it up to 18 times, offering 150 days of battery life without access to electricity. That is quite something. (Although we have to note that unless you have a smartphone with 150 days of battery life, you’ll still need to get access to power to see the ring data in the app.)

It has four sensors: 

  • Heart rate sensor
  • Blood oxygen sensor
  • Skin temperature sensors
  • 3D Accelerometer

The RingConn is waterproof and has airplane mode. 

Sleep analysis from two sources: the ring on the right, my Withings watch and the under-mattress sensor on the left

It is essentially a health tracker designed to monitor 

  • your heart rate, 
  • blood oxygen saturation, 
  • and sleep patterns providing insights into sleep stages and interruptions
  • It measures steps,
  • calories burned and 
  • distance travelled

Connecting the ring with the app was straightforward, after syncing, you can already see your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and even body temperature being tracked in real-time. The app provides detailed reports of your health data, which includes both a 24×7 continuous measurement mode and a manual measurement mode, and there is no subscription fee.

The limitations

Despite its commendable features, RingConn does have some limitations. Its screen-less design may not appeal to those who prefer real-time updates on their wearable. Users are reliant on the app for all data.

It delivers what it claims

That said, RingConn delivers what it claims — a discreet, reliable health and fitness tracker. It offers an attractive alternative for those who want to keep tabs on their health but aren’t keen on wearing a smartwatch or fitness band. 


  • Small size
  • Measures all important health metrics
  • Superb battery life


  • It’s quite large as a ring
  • Some people dislike rings

In the world of digital health, RingConn is less about leading you into ‘Mordor’ and more about guiding you towards better health awareness. It’s your personalised ‘Elrond’ for health tracking, taking a back seat while keeping a close eye on you.

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