Lars of Best in Tesla has reviewed the EV forecasts made by IEA, EIA and Opec and Deloitte and Ark Invest from 2016.

Let us look at how much the energy picture changes as we shift over from gas cars to electric cars.

In China, it is a lot of coal power but also new solar and wind.

It is about 4000 kwh for each BEV that drives 15000 miles. This needs about 1.5 tons of coal per car or one dedicated solar roof.

50 million BEV in 2025 would need 75 million tons of coal.
100 million BEV in 2025 would need 150 million tons of coal per year.
This would displace 400-800 gallons of oil per car. 10-20 barrels per car assume 15 gallon avg per year.
50 million would be 750 million barrels per year.
100 million would be 1.5 billion barrels per year.
Replacing all cars would be 2 billion cars. This would be 3 billion tons of coal per year replacing 30 billion barrels per year.

Alternatively, you can hundreds of millions of solar roofs or solar farms and new grid or grid enhancements.

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