Reports of Russian Collapse In and Around Kherson

There are various reports of continuing Ukrainian advances in Kherson. Russia seems to have had to fall back another 20 kilometers in Kherson. Getting pushed into small pockets. Ukraine continues to have upper hand with recon, information and destroying supplies, logistics and ammo. It is flat terrain in Kherson on the north side of the Dnipro. No places to setup significant defensive lines.

Retired Australian Army Major General, Mick Ryan, has these observations.

1. The Ukrainians had a broad overall operational design featuring potential operations in the south, north east – and probably elsewhere. However, launching these was not only based on time, but also about when opportunities presented themselves.

2. The Ukrainians clearly had both dedicated and situational reserves that they had allocated for planned offensives – and for exploiting opportunities. Creating these required a good appreciation of risk, deception, operational security and logistic stockpiling.

3. the Ukrainians have fought a superior recon battle. A senior military officer, during our Kyiv visit, confirmed the Russians were poor at tactical recon. This is an essential part of preventing surprise and recognizing enemy weaknesses to exploit.

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