Raytheon Taps CAES for US Navy Next-Gen Radar Hardware Supply

Raytheon has awarded a $200-million full-rate hardware production and sustainment contract to CAES for the US Navy’s AN/SPY-6 family of radars.

Under the contract, CAES will deliver fully-tested radar module assemblies for the multi-year AN/SPY-6 program, Raytheon’s effort to develop a next-generation active electronically scanned array 3D radar to bolster the navy’s situational awareness at sea.

AN/SPY-6 provides allied fleets an advantage over adversary platforms with legacy radars, maintaining accurate detection, increased sensitivity, and greater detection range.

These features enable simultaneous protection against hostile aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, and enemy surface ships.

Several AN/SPY-6 variants are already integrated into seven US Navy ship classes.

“SPY-6 is one of the most advanced naval radars in production, and CAES is proud to contribute to the performance and reliability of this system,” CAES CEO and President Mike Kahn said.

“We look forward to our continued work with Raytheon to provide our military with this critical capability.”

AN/SPY-6(V) radar
The AN/SPY-6(V) air and missile defense radar. Photo: Raytheon Technologies

Recent Contracts With US Military

CAES received a $38.5-million contract in February to provide engineering services and associated equipment for the US Navy’s AN/SLQ-32 antenna arrays,

The electronic warfare enables counter-targeting, threat warnings, and anti-ship missile security for US vessels.

In January, Northrop Grumman awarded CAES a $24-million support contract for the US Army’s ballistic firing precision capabilities.

The task order requested CAES to deliver 8,000 M-Code GPS antennas for three years. It will be integrated with Northrop’s precision guidance kits in production for the army.

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