Quera Neutral Atom Error Correction Quantum Computers

In 2024, Quera, neutral atom quantum computer company, will beLaunching a quantum computer with ten logical qubits, unique transversal gate capability, and over 256 physical qubits.

The Transversal gates are crucial in quantum computing for their ability to prevent error propagation across qubits, making them inherently error-resistant. They simplify quantum error correction by allowing errors to be corrected independently for each qubit. This system establishes the groundwork for error-corrected quantum computing.

Additionally, to assist in assessing and preparing algorithms for the era of error correction, QuEra will release a logical qubit simulator in the first half of 2024.

In 2023, the Google Quantum AI Lab demonstrated a 2.9% error rate using three logical qubits.

Quera’s error rate is 0.5% with 48 logical qubits.

The world leader is the University of Oxford, which has achieved error rates of less than 0.01% — but only between two-qubit gates.

QuEra plans to launch several quantum computers in the coming years, starting with a 30-logical-qubit, 3,000 physical qubit machine coming out in 2025.

In 2026, Quera plans 10,000 physical qubits and 100 logical qubits. This should surpass calculation abilities for the best regular supercomputers.

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