Prepare for More Future Hatred of Elon Musk News

Many commenters hate Elon Musk and Elon Musk news and coverage.

If the technology and change is happening mostly in one area, then that is where the coverage has to happen. I also had quite a few generative AI articles. Generative AI seems to be heading to weak AGI. Weak AGI would mean matching or near human level capabilities. Strong AGI would be broad superhuman intelligence. The term weak is used in future scenario discussion. Describe a future technology or scenario and something happens but is not as dominating as an alternative strong scenario.

It is very conceivable that 10,000 to 20,000 Teslabots working with humans in GigaMexico making cars around April 2024. Maybe it takes a year or two longer. The disruption when it happens will be extreme. The factory could have 2 to 4X the productivity and car production. Tesla could make 10+M cars in 2025 instead of 5-7 million.

All of the business media used to write about all the things that Jack Welch did and then Bill Gates and then Steve Jobs. This year about 90% of the mass put into space is from SpaceX..before Super Heavy Starship is working. He has crushed the Toyota car manufacturing process. The Tesla real-time company operations and management is vastly superior to the SAP company management system. If there are over 100+ million Teslabots by 2030 and Tesla and SpaceX are 10-100X bigger, then the “fanboying” that people are complaining about will also go next level. If over a billion people are using Starlink low bandwidth voice, text and data this would also be huge. This could happen by next year.

SpaceX just had another Starlink launch. Today 51 Gen 1.5 satellites.

In terms of impacting our lives, the next few years should see a movement to overall AGI and merging it with the robotaxi, robotrucks and teslabots.

The non-Elon ultra-high impact technology developments are medicine, antiaging, nanotechnology, advanced nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, quantum computers and some areas of AI.

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