On This Day In Space: 1st flight of the Super Guppy

On August 31, 1965, NASA’s Super Guppy cargo plane took its first test flight. This oversized aircraft looks a bit like a giant flying whale. 

In Photos: See NASA’s ‘Super Guppy’ Swallow Supersonic Jets

The Super Guppy  was built by a company called Aero Spacelines and based on the Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser. 

NASA’s outsized SGT Super Guppy-Turbine transport aircraft lifts off the runway at Edwards Air Force Base after a prior visit. (Image credit: NASA/Tony Landis)

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NASA uses these funny-looking planes to transport large cargo, like spacecraft parts and other smaller aircraft. At the time, they needed the planes to transport Apollo rocket stages from California to Florida. 

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