New Tesla Model 3 Revealed With Same Price, More Range and More Luxury $TSLA

Car Wow, youtube channel, has a reveal of the new Tesla Model 3.

It will have the same price but more range. It will go on sale in Europe in October. The starting price will be 42000 british pounds.

Tesla has changed 50% of the parts on the car. Tesla is also releasing two new colors: Ultra Red and Stealth Gray.

Sawyer Merritt confirms that this is it.

The new Model 3 is the most aerodynamic Tesla. It has a coefficient of drag of 0.219.

There are large reductions in noise from outside the car.

The base price for China will be 259k rmb. This is 9% more than the 231k rmb.

Range is increased by 13%. The car is lighter, more luxurious and more aerodynamic but with a lower build cost.

There are many interiors improvements. The main upgrade is rear screen that be controlled by the people in the rear. Rear passengers can watch their own entertainment.

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