NASA and SpaceX Plan Starship Low Earth Orbit Space Station Design Review in 2028

NASA Commercial Space Capabilities office and SpaceX have a 24 page agreed plan to develop the SpaceX starship into a low earth orbit space station design by 2028. This is unfunded and aspirational. The parties will cooperate to try and make it happen. SpaceX with successful Starlink commercial services will have the funds to make this happen.

There are many other milestones that NASA and SpaceX are trying to achieve with Starship.

It will take another 2-4 years to actually launch the Starship space station.

A really useful and interesting Starship space station with multiple Starships would need to have Starship proven far safer for moving a lot of people.

Need proven safe starship. After using it for package delivery with ten thousand international cargo flights per year hopefully in the 2025-2028 timeframe. High volume human orbital and high volume rocket passenger flight have very similar requirements for proven safety.

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