Robin Hanson and his co-authors have paper and presentations that the universe will become dominated by expansionist aliens who he calls grabby aliens.

There are two kinds of alien civilizations. “Quiet” aliens don’t expand or change much, and then they die. We have little data on them, and so must mostly speculate, via methods like the Drake equation.

“Loud” aliens, in contrast, visibly change the volumes they control, and just keep expanding fast until they meet each other. They should be easy to see as they will be reorganizing the stars and galaxies they are in.

If grabby aliens exist and start expanding at over one-third the speed of light then we would not see their changes until the aliens get very close. Robin Hanson models that there is intelligent grabby aliens once in every million galaxies.

There is more to this and it is discussed between Lex and Robin and in animated videos.

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