Launch, Land, and Relaunch Party Thread

from the “Blue Origin Fleet” thread

If only both Blue Origin and SpaceX could put their differences aside, renting out one of the SpaceX LZ-1 pads with suitable modifications would be ideal since it is almost next door to LC-36.

IIRC there was a cartoon strip (don’t recall the name of the strip) that touches on the issue.

In brief. The storyline was that Bezos ask Musk what would it take to use LZ-1 for landing the New Glenn. Musk replied nothing except for one tiny favor, then hands Bezos a hideous pink unicorn costume for him to dance in the LC-39 fire trench.

The “cartoon strip” was this very Party thread, some thousand posts back!

“Hey Elon.”
“Hey Jeff.”
“So, have you considered our request to use LZ-1?”
“Yeah, sure.  In the spirit of advancing reusable launch systems, we’d be happy to let you use it for one dollar and other good and valuable consideration.”
“That great!  But wait; what other consideration?”
“Hmm.  Come walk with me down to the pad.”
“OK.  But what’s that monstrosity?  A crocheted, deflated Portuguese man o’ war?”
“Hmm.  You do know how to dance, don’t you?”

I am deeply honored that you not only remembered my little MS Paint modification of a frame from one of Danielle Corsetto‘s Girls With Slingshots comics, but that you even though it was from a real comic strip!  Thank you.

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