Elon Musk was interviewed by the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley. There were three parts to the interview.

There were all kinds of highlights.

He explained the reason for the slow ramp in Texas. There has been delays ramping 4680 and the structural battery packs. The tooling for 2170 battery packs had been stuck in a port in China. The videos were filmed three weeks ago, so the 2170 tooling issue should be on its way to being resolved.

Elon explained why he has super confidence that FSD will work. It is just a matter of time. He feels the end state for driving will be like human operators for elevators being replaced by electronics.

Elon says the Cybertruck design is finally locked and they are moving to production in mid 2023.

No other carmaker is pursuing Tesla’s vision only approach to full self driving. If Tesla approach is the only way that does work then Tesla will have a five year lead with a successful FSD.

The first video talked the details of the early days of Tesla. The second video talked a lot about Elon’s view of getting multiplanetary and how we need to expand to explore and understand the universe.

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