Is Tesla Model Y Already the Best Selling Car in the World?

Preliminary data indicates that the Tesla Model Y has passed the Toyota Corolla and Toyota RAV4 as the top selling cars by unit volume in the world on a monthly basis.

It is close in June but further increases in production will make it definitive in August, 2022.

When this is revealed in official statistics or in a clear official statement from Tesla at meetings in July or August then it could be stock and marketing catalyst. This resulted from the rise of Tesla Model Y (Shanghai, Fremont, Berlin and Austin factories) and the collapse of Toyota sales in China and the United States.

Tesla Model Y June 2022

52150 China
6400 Berlin and Austin
21000 Fremont

79550 for Month

954600 Annualized

Toyota Corolla sales were down about 100K in China and North America in just the First Half of 2022. Toyota Corolla is tracking to 800-900K for the full year of 2022.

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