How will holiday shopping be different this year?

Mark Beal, assistant professor of professional practice, School of Communication and Information: Gen Zers will conduct research before making a purchase during the holiday season to find the best price, gain the greatest value and learn if a company or brand is purposeful. As the purpose generation, Gen Z aspires to become customers of brands who are contributing to a better world via purposeful actions and initiatives.

They are digital natives who are very comfortable purchasing holiday gifts from the palm of their hand via interactive content on TikTok, Instagram, or an app. They also prefer brands that leverage technology and empower this cohort to personalize and customize a gift purchase.

While Gen Z embraces technology, they also have a passion for retro products. Secondhand clothing stores, vintage music T-shirts, vinyl records, and other nostalgic products strike a chord with Gen Z.

They can never get enough holiday gifts they can leverage on their mobile devices, whether digital gift cards for their favorite brands and retailers or subscriptions to audio, video, media, and even educational content companies.

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