The Rancor – a massive, terrifying beast once known only as Jabba the Hutt’s torturous monster pet has since been given new depth thanks to the latest episode (Chapter 3) of The Book of Boba Fett! In the third chapter, Bounty Hunter turned Crime Boss Boba Fett is gifted a juvenile Rancor pup by Jabba the Hutt’s twin cousins after a dispute. In short time we learned that surprisingly the Rancor is actually a fairly docile and harmless creature unless provoked. But where do these massive behemoths come from?

As it turns out, the Rancor actually originated from the planet Dathormir – home world of the Dathormirians and Zabrak – a humanoid alien race found throughout Star Wars lore. Fans will recall, iconic Sith Lord Apprentice Darth Maul, from the The Phantom Menace was one of these Dathormirians.

According to lore, The Rancors are pack animals but also can form complex social structures and societies despite not having the same level of sentience as many other creatures found in Star Wars. They are believed to be fairly peaceful creatures but were powerful adversaries if provoked. They are not inherently aggressive for no reason, which explains the calm demeanor of the Rancor pup gifted to Boba Fett. That being said however, with domestication, Rancors can be trained to be aggressive combatants or kind and loyal to their owners.

The Book of Boba Fett expands on Rancore lore by explaining how Rancors will imprint on the first Human they see. We also learn that they are emotionally complex creatures.

YouTuber The Stupendous Wave has put together a phenomenal video detailing the history and origins of the Rancor which you can watch below!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-01-13 12:44:06

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