Greg Bear and Octavia and more departed explorers. Don’t ‘rest,’ explore! …plus more on science fiction

What I miss about my friend and colleague Greg Bear…

That hearty-wise and dauntless laugh… I hear it now… and I will hear it always.  Greg was the best of us… certainly the best of the ‘Killer Bees! The real article, as a human, as a good man, as a leader in our broad SF guild of explorers-of-the-plausible. His 50+ novels spanned the spectrum of speculative literature, from highly plausible (and sometimes scary) extrapolations of near-future technologies to glimpses farther ahead, at human destinies that struck the reader with astonishment and awe.  He had that rare knack of cornering scientific and other experts, squeezing out of them their hopes and suspicions about tomorrow, then setting them on pages that glowed with passion, worry and fun.

(Image #1: Greg Bear, David Brin, Gregory Benford, Vernor Vinge around 2018: the ‘Killer Bs.”)

And yes, the most admirable trait of all – a good life partner to the wonderful and kind daughter of Poul and Karen and father to their grandchildren. And our dear friend. Cheryl and I extend blessings and love to Astrid & their clan… and to all who loved Greg and his immortal works.


Oh, a couple of addenda: One Turing test for the arrival of AI will be if the charming, brilliant Greg Bear emulators convey some of his sharp wit… and that hearty laugh I already miss so much.

The obit in Greg’s original home town newspaper, the San Diego Union.


I won’t say RIP.  

Judging from Psychlone and other great tales, Greg would take ANY kind of afterlife as a challenge and a dare to explore. To poke at the rules. He doubted it. I doubt it. But if so, go get em tiger. Drive em crazy with questions!


(Image #4 below: dinner honoring Greg at Loscon (LA) November 26, 2020: David Gerrold, Cindy Hernandez, Dan Brin, Tom Abrams, Naomi Fisher, Gerald David Nordley, Steve Barnes Gregory Benford, Ariana Brin, Cheryl Brin, David Brin, Larry Niven. Michelle Pincus isphotgrapher.)

== Octavia… and more… ==

And speaking of another terribly missed friend and colleague.

The Visions of Octavia Butler: A New York Times front page essay pays tribute to my sorely-missed friend and colleague, the great science fiction author Octavia Butler. Alas, it proclaims her great success was accurate prophecy. No, that under-rates her. Octavia’s greatest contribution was vividly was helping us to prevent. 

A site that offers quotations by your favorite authors. I’ll start you with someone familiar.


10 great science fiction books for people who don’t like science fiction. A lovely list.

Oh, in case you didn’t know… I wrote the final book in his famous Robots and Foundation series – Foundation’s Triumph, following upon equally good novels by Greg Bear and Gregory Benford. Together: the Second Foundation Trilogy

I think Greg’s Foundation and Chaos best captured Isaac’s voice.

Bon Voyage, pal.


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