‘Fuel to Mars’ study heads to moon

Video: 'Fuel to Mars' study heads to moon
Credit: Duke University

A Duke research study is preparing to blast off to the Moon with NASA on Artemis I.

Dr. Tim Hammond, professor of medicine at Duke, and co-investigator Dr. Holly Birdsall created the “Fuel to Mars” study to identify genes and gene pathways that fuel-producing algae use to survive deep space. A duplicate control experiment is housed at the Durham VA hospital to see how the algae grow without exposure to radiation and microgravity.

Their findings could help pave the way for future human space explorers.

The Artemis I, which has been delayed once already, is scheduled to blast off Saturday.

Credit: Duke University

Scientist sending yeast and algae to space on Artemis 1

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Video: ‘Fuel to Mars’ study heads to moon (2022, September 1)
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