First Major Steps to Cure Aging

Rejuvenate Bio CEO Daniel Oliver is interviewed on how he co-founded with Harvard Biotech Serial Entrepreneur and biotech giant George Church. They have over $30 million in funding. They have antiaging and disease treatments that they have testing with different dog breeds for the past two years. They have applied for initial human trials.

The dog treatments are dual purpose. They provide animal data for the human trial applications and they can generate billions of dollars to fund human antiaging treatment development.

Antiaging treatments will be like COVID vaccine injections. They could be as little as $2 per treatment and could rapidly scale to treat billions of people.

George Church described why $2 per antiaging treatment is plausible and will eventually be reached.

George Church will be speaking at Aubrey de Grey’s longevity, antiaging summit in Dublin, Ireland. There is still early bird registration until July 31, 2022.

Speakers at the Dublin antiaging summit include:
Aubrey de Grey
George Church
Maria Blasco
Michael West
Jim Mellon
and many others.

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