Elbit unveils new Hermes 650 Spark, claiming 24-hour plus endurance

The 650 Spark drone, designed and built by Elbit Systems, was unveiled Feb. 21 at the 2024 Singapore Air Show. (Elbit) SINGAPORE AIRSHOW — Israeli firm Elbit, well known for its drones, unveiled a new propeller-driven aircraft here today, powered by what executives called an “over-powered” engine to give it speed, payload and the ability […]

IDF shifts forces as rocket threat is reduced in Gaza

Members of the 646th reserve brigade firing weapons in a field near greenhouses in Gaza. (IDF) Israel continues to withdraw reserve units that were part of the ground operation in Gaza. The 646th Reserve Brigade had been fighting in the Gaza Strip for several months, the IDF said in a statement on February 20, noting […]

Ukraine and the Case for a ‘Pay for Peace’ Strategy

As the war in Ukraine nears its third year, with costs mounting and gains stagnating, Washington’s peripheral security assistance remains just enough to keep Ukraine in the fight — temporarily. It is also just enough for the US to appear to satisfy its commitments to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, in which Kyiv relinquished its nuclear arsenal […]

1000 American MK-82 Heading to Israel: U.S. Increasing Support for Israeli and Turkish Air Fleets

Current and former U.S officials interviewed by the Wall Street Journal have reported that approximately 1,000 MK-82 227 kilogram unguided gravity bombs are being reviewed for delivery to Israel, among a range of other military equipment intended to further reinforce the Middle Eastern state. The Israel Defence Force has ongoing operations against Palestinian militia forces in the […]

Finnish President-elect wants China ‘involved’ in Ukraine war peace negotiations

Alexander Stubb, Finland’s President Elect (left) favours China engaging in Ukraine war peace negotiations (Tim Martin/Breaking Defemse) MUNICH — Finland’s newly elected head of state wants China to play a significant role in to peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, a statement unlikely to be welcomed in an increasingly China-focused Washington. Alexander Stubb, Finland’s President-elect […]

Ukraine advisory group pushes for NATO accession, countering 3 key concerns

President of Ukraine chief of staff, Andriy Yermak and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, hold a press conference at the Munich Security Conference (Breaking Defense) MUNICH — A government body setup by Ukraine to deliver security guarantees from across Europe today laid out its case for speeding Kyiv’s accession to NATO, dismissing three […]

Israel again contends with Hamas’ use of human shields in hospitals

Forces of the IDF’s 162nd division operate in Shati in northeast Gaza. (IDF) The Israel Defense Forces is in control of most of the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis following a difficult two-month battle against Hamas opposition therein. Khan Younis hosts an extensive tunnel network underneath it and is the hometown of Hamas leader […]