Danger to LEO… and Siberia! Strategic reserves and Red/Blue death rates! How Fetterman/Oz recalls Lincoln/Douglas… and that’s just today!

I’m rushing out a midweek posting because just today(!) there are too many items that need urgent attention, starting with several I’ve only been warning about for a long time. Years, in fact. (Though I save the most egregious for last):   

1. ‘Amid fierce battles, Russia warns it could hit US satellites’… especially the Starlink system that Elon Musk deployed, that has proved crucial to Ukraine – but Putin’s real goal would be to degrade the spectacularly successful support from US spy/intel sats. And if he blew up Low Earth Orbit (LEO) we would all suffer in a myriad ways.  Except that our armored spy-sats would continue unimpeded.  And you’ll recall me talking about this many times.  

2. For 15 years I’ve said that Taiwan and the S. China Sea are diversions from the real goal

3. Under Bush and then under Trump, the US helium reserve was given away – at steep discount – to Republican Party donors… and now we don’t have enough to run medical equipment. Republicans also raided the oil reserve ans strategic metals reserves to give away at sweetheart deals.  In contrast, Biden (and Clinton) sold oil from the strategic reserve when prices were at maximum and used the profits later to buy and refill the reserve, when prices plummeted. It’s called “buy low and sell high” and duh? Supposed market enthusiasts should approve. And of Keynesian stimuli that work, when “supply side” never did. Once. Ever. At all. Even one time… unless the aim was (of course) to skyrocket wealth disparities. If so, mission accomplished.

4.  That and the pure fact that federal deficit-to-gdp ratios always go DOWN under democrats and skyrocket under Repubs. Always. And I mean that. Always.

5. US economy rebounds in the third quarter as GDP growth of 2.6% surpasses expectations.

6. More Trump Hotels Charged Secret Service Exorbitant Rates.

7. Americans die younger in states run by conservatives, study finds. Well, again, duh? GOP run states (except Utah) suck in far more federal tax $ than they contributes and have for 150 years. And the reddest dominate the charts in every turpitude. 

8. If We need any more evidence and proof of the derangement of Putin’s mentality the following link to an article gives it: “Why Russia Stole Potemkin’s Bones From Ukraine.” Especially since we in the west know the word “potemkin” primarily for one thing.  As a synonym for putting up a false front. (Look up ‘Potemkin Village’.)

9. Enviro bad news… but some really good news, too!  

Consider what we have seen just this year: Deadly flooding and heat waves spread in the U.S. In Europe and China, droughts dried up rivers, exposing sunken warships and cutting off supply routes. In Pakistan, a heat wave sent temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and monsoon floods submerged a third of the country. In the U.S. we are seeing dozens of ‘500 year” events every single year.

Even under the most optimistic climate forecasting models, such extreme weather will get worse and become more common in the coming decades.

And yet… 

While 5 degrees of warming once seemed possible, scientists now estimate that the Earth is on track to warm by 2 to 3 degrees. That difference might not seem huge, but it translates to fewer record-breaking floods, storms, droughts and heat waves and potentially thousands or millions of lives saved in the coming decades.

“The window of possible climate futures is narrowing, and as a result, we are getting a clearer sense of what’s to come: a new world, full of disruption but also billions of people, well past climate normal and yet mercifully short of true climate apocalypse,” explains this cogent article.

10. And finally (for a rushed, mid-week posting), media fulminate over the PA debate, wherein Fetterman saying ‘good night’ at the beginning and read from a closed caption screen. In fact, Mr. Fetterman reads and writes fine, but has a slight hearing aphasia. Hence the closed caption screen. And guess what, we elect Senators to innovate and vote on POLICY, which is mostly written. 

MAGAs’ mean-minded prejudice attacks on Fetterman’s health is belied by their support of the obviously insane H Walker and MT Green and D Trump, who crowed that he had ‘passed’ a mental acuity test that was designed for extreme stroke victims, that a five year old would score better on. He refused any sort of normal mental capacity test by neutral parties.

And dig it, even if JF dies in office or has to retire he won’t be a dictator loving, lying lunatic like Mehmet Oz.

Meanwhile, though, there’s a far more important take away from the Oz-Fetterman debate.  I bet no one commented on how the Oz-statement on abortion (that the federal government should leave it all to the states) exactly echoes the position of Stephen Douglas, in the 1858 Lincoln Douglas Debates.  In some places almost word-for-word…

… so let’s remember what Douglas said should be ‘left to the states.’ Slavery. And for a cheater minority who seized power within some states to anchor in their dominance forever. Today, it is about more than abortion. That ‘states rights’ excuse for oligarchy and oppression includes gerrymandered permanent GOP power ignoring the populace, supported by the Roberts Doctrine.

And that  is the real reason why you need to grab every insipid ‘they’re all the same’ splitter by the scruff and tell them what you’ll do to them, if they don’t spread the word to every lazy-rationalizing Stein-Naderite. To vote.

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