Largest Planes in the World

The only working copy of the Antonov An-225 was destroyed in 2022. It could carry 190 tons of payload and had a max takeoff weight of 640 tons. The Lockheed C-5M is largest regularly operating plane. Upgraded C-5s are designated C-5M Super Galaxy. The C-5s were given new General Electric F138-GE-100 (CF6-80C2) engines, pylons and […]

Team finds black hole ‘table for two’

Share this Article You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license. Astronomers have discovered a galactic table for two—a pair of unusually close black holes that are feeding together after their respective galaxies collided. The finding could have a profound impact on our understanding of later-stage galaxy mergers and suggests […]

Google Officially Announces ChatGPT Competitor Called “Bard”

A new player has entered the game. Bard College Google is officially working on a ChatGPT competitor dubbed “Bard,” according to a blog post published today by CEO Sundar Pichai, in the latest sign of a growing AI gold rush in the tech industry. The tool will be powered by the company’s Language Model for […]

CONTRARY BRIN: Democratic Centralism?

 Before we dive into political philosophy, how about word from science, wherein we prove daily that at least some parts of this civilization are smart and not-insane!  For excample… …For your science listening pleasure on Planetary Radio! Now posted are Mat Kaplan’s interviews with bold teams presenting at the 2022 Symposium in Tucson of NASA’s […]

The Future of DAOs Takes Center Stage in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, 6th February, 2023, Chainwire The DAOVOZ collective is excited to announce the inaugural DAOVOZ Tel Aviv event on February 8th, as part of the festivities surrounding ETH TLV and Building Blocks. This event will focus on the needs of builders in the DAO space and provide clarity on emerging best-practices for decentralized […]

Elastic material could protect flexible batteries from gases

Share this Article You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license. A new technique uses liquid metal to create an elastic material that is impervious to both gases and liquids. Applications for the material include flexible batteries and other packaging for high-value technologies that require protection from gases. “This is […]

The Best Desks of 2023

While a TV tray or dining room table may be great in a pinch, neither is a long-term solution for a desk. Only a desk will do if you want to create an ergonomic space where everything you need is at arm’s reach in your home office.  If you have minimal space and need something […]

CONTRARY BRIN: Space tech updates

My friend Frank Drake passed, at age 92. We served together on the advisory external council of NASA’s Innovative & Advanced Concepts program – (NIAC)… and corresponded for decades about SETI… the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligent civilizations. His famed “Drake Equation” was more of a tool for organizing conversations and discussions of SETI, rather than […]

Top 1% Futurist Forecaster on Metaculus

Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture, is ranked 47th all time on the public prediction website -Metaculus and is ranked 35th for the past 12 months. Brian has a brier score of 0.088. Lower brier scores are more accurate. If predictions were random results and someone had 50% confidence of 50% results then the brier score would be […]