UK to Procure Seabed Surveillance Vessels for Infrastructure Safety

The UK will procure two seabed surveillance ships to protect underwater infrastructure from sabotage, Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace said Sunday. The first Multi-Role Ocean Surveillance Ship will be bought this year and operationalized next, while the second vessel will be built in the country, Navy Lookout quoted the minister as saying at […]

South Korea's Famed Chiron Missile Systems Will Soon Guard Ukrainian Airspace – Reports

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War in February Ukraine’s widespread deployments of man portable surface to air missile systems (MANPADS) has been a major obstacle to the effective use of Russian air power to support its ground forces. Integrated widely among the country’s millions of infantry, such systems use infrared rather than radar guidance […]

National Space Council to ask industry for input on new space rules

Active debris removal is among the novel missions for which the National Space Council intends to set rules. (European Space Agency) AMOS 2022 — The National Space Council is planning to hold “learning sessions” with commercial industry to gather information on both new types of space missions and views about what space safety and sustainability […]

Australian Navy, 21 Countries Complete Kakadu 2022 Maritime Exercise

More than 3,000 sailors and officers from 22 participating nations have completed the two-week Kakadu 2022 maritime exercise, the Royal Australian Navy announced Wednesday. This year’s multinational training — the biennial event’s 15th iteration — drew the largest audience and number of assets to date, involving 34 aircraft, 15 warships, and a […]

Norway’s defense minister on how NATO expansion will, and won’t, impact defense plans

Norwegian defense minister Bjørn Arild Gram pictured during the Defender Europe exercise. (Norwegian Mod) WASHINGTON — With Sweden and Finland nearing NATO membership, the question of how they will reshape the military alliance — and the military planning of the other Nordic nations — has been front and center especially in the mind of Bjørn […]

Embraer Delivers Upgraded SABER M60 Radars to Brazilian Army

Multinational aerospace firm Embraer has announced the delivery of two upgraded SABER M60 radars to the Brazilian Army. Often attached to a low-altitude anti-aircraft defense system, the M60 radar is used to protect critical military infrastructure, including bases, command posts, and weapons storage. It can track up to 60 targets simultaneously at […]

This Strike Fighter Would Have Been Perfect for War in Ukraine: Why Russia Doesn’t Have Any SEAD Foxbats Left

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War in February Russia’s air defence suppression efforts have been widely criticised as somewhat underwhelming, with Ukraine’s network built up primarily around Soviet-built S-300 variants and supplemented by low altitude handheld systems such as the Stinger continuing to threaten Russian aircraft. Although this was particularly surprising considering the age […]

Space Command, Commerce to stage commercial space tracking pilot this fall

The orbital population of active satellites and dangerous debris continues to grow by leaps and bounds. (NASA) AMOS 2022 — Space Command and the Commerce Department will run a joint pilot project this fall to demonstrate live how commercial space monitoring data can be used to keep tabs on satellites and dangerous space junk, according […]

MIND’s ‘Sea Serpent’ Completes Autonomous Anti-Sub Demonstration at US Navy Exercise

MIND Technology demonstrated the capabilities of its “Sea Serpent” low-cost anti-submarine warfare (ASW) system at the US Navy’s Coastal Trident 2022 maritime exercise. During the demonstration, Sea Serpent was deployed from an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and operated autonomously to detect a realistic underwater target. “We are incredibly pleased with this successful demonstration from our […]