Boeing Starliner Delayed Til at Least April 2023

Boeing human crewed Starliner mission has been delayed from February to April 2023 or later.

There continue to be technical problems and there are now new concerns about the parachutes.

The continuing problems raise concerns that any human crew should be risked flying in Starliner.

Due to delays and technical problems, Boeing has taken a number of charges against earnings for the Starliner program by 2022. This includes $410 million in 2020, $185 million in October 2021, and $288 million through the third quarter of 2022

SpaceX’s CCtCap contract values each seat on a Crew Dragon flight to be between US$60–67 million, while the face value of each seat has been estimated by NASA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) to be around US$55 million. This contrasts with the 2014 Soyuz launch price of US$76 million per seat for NASA astronauts.

SpaceX has one crewed test flight in 2020 and is on the seventh human operational mission with Crew Dragon. SpaceX will have five human-crewed missions in 2023.

SpaceX Crew Dragon is operating safely and is more affordable than Starliner.

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