Summer Insomnia – Sky & Telescope

Antares shines brightly above the Rho Ophiuchi complex.Ezequiel Etcheverry / S&T Online Photo Gallery Not long ago, I was working with a client on a blog post about summer insomnia — specifically about how the longer daylight hours, warmer weather, and increased outdoor activities and socializing can have a negative impact on sleep. Oh, you […]

The Building Blocks of Personal Identity for Web3

What is our real identity, and by that I mean the true, unedited us as opposed to the person we might hold ourselves out to be? Whether a person is religious or not, they tend to describe this reality as their “soul,” their fundamental being and the collection of inherent truths that make them unique […]

Webb captures stellar gymnastics in the Cartwheel Galaxy

Science & Exploration 02/08/2022 13451 views 164 likes The Cartwheel Galaxy, a rare ring galaxy once shrouded in dust and mystery, has been unveiled by the imaging capabilities of the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. The galaxy, which formed as a result of a collision between a large spiral galaxy and another smaller galaxy, not […]

Army ground vehicle lab researches different batteries in quest for electrified fleet

The Army’s 6T Lithium-Ion battery will eventually be added to the JLTV, as well as the Stryker and Mobile Protected Firepower. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Zachary Zephir) WASHINGTON: The US Army’s ground vehicle research lab is working on a collection of new batteries meant to propel the service toward hybrid and, eventually, […]

Is it ‘alive’? Claims of sapient AI… plus micropayments and future wealth!

NEWSWEEK requested an op-ed from me about artificial intelligence and my prediction in 2017 that “in about five years” we would enter the First Robotic Empathy Crisis, when some language program — perhaps augmented with appealing visuals — would proclaim “I’m alive!” Possibly with the addendum: “Send money!” My Newsweek op-ed ran this week: Soon, Humanity […]

Nanoscale Rotors Constructed From DNA – Smallest Flow-Driven Motors in the World

Artist impression of the flow-driven DNA rotor. Credit: Cees Dekker Lab / SciXel Scientists have constructed the smallest flow-driven motors in the world. Inspired by iconic Dutch windmills and biological motor proteins, they created a self-configuring flow-driven rotor from DNA that converts energy from an electrical or salt gradient into useful mechanical work. The results […]

Amazing Technologies Changing The Future Of Dermatology

Smart algorithms will soon diagnose skin cancer, dermatologists consult patients online, and 3D printers will print out synthetic skin to fight tissue shortages. There is a lot going on in dermatology, and medical professionals should prepare in time for the technological changes before they start swiping through the specialty. Let’s start by familiarising ourselves with […]

SpaceX debris discovered in Australian sheep paddock

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A charred chunk of space junk found jutting from a paddock by an Australian sheep farmer was confirmed to be part of one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX missions by authorities Thursday. The ethereal-looking debris, believed to have plummeted to Earth on July 9, was found last week in Dalgety—a remote area […]

South Korea Calls for Calm Over Pelosi Taiwan Visit

South Korea on Wednesday called for dialogue to maintain regional peace and stability as tensions between the US and China soared over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s visit to Taiwan. Pelosi is also due to visit South Korea as part of her Asian tour, which has so far been dominated by her dramatic late-night arrival […]

Lucid Motors is Doomed |

Lucid Group Inc. LCID, fell more than 11% in after-hours trading after they dropped 2022 production volume to be 6,000 vehicles or half of the 2022 expectation in May. “Our revised production guidance reflects the extraordinary supply chain and logistics challenges we encountered,” Chief Executive Peter Rawlinson said in a statement. “We’ve identified the primary […]