US Navy Shock Tests Unmanned Underwater Minesweeper

The US Navy completed underwater explosion shock testing of its new unmanned minesweeper, gauging the system’s endurance and capabilities in hazardous environments. The Aberdeen Test Center and Naval Surface Warfare Center tested the Textron-developed Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS), which can be “hosted from littoral combat ships, operated from shore or vessels of opportunity.” The […]

Militants with Assault Rifles Fire on Authorities as Radical Riots Grip Kazakhstan

Following the outbreak of major riots in Kazakhstan centred around the second city of Almaty on January 4th, rioters targeted police officers causing at least 12 casualties and moved to seize administrative and media buildings. On January 5th the first footage emerged of rioters armed with assault rifles, some of which were reportedly seized from […]

Myriad ways that commercial satellite capabilities augment DoD space assets – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

Shown is a payload assembly on the Slingshot CubeSat platform, which was used for the Aerospace demonstration of on-orbit spacecraft cyber defense. Photo courtesy of Aerospace. Space-based communications, navigation, weather, and remote sensing capabilities from the commercial sector play a large role in successfully executing Department of Defense (DOD) missions. To that end, The Aerospace […]

North Korea Says It Tested Hypersonic Missile

North Korea has successfully tested a hypersonic missile, state media reported Thursday, in the first major weapons test by the nuclear-armed nation this year. This was the second reported North Korean test of a hypersonic gliding missile to date — following one in September last year — as Pyongyang looks to add the sophisticated weapon […]

Pakistan Buys 25 Chinese J-10C Jets to Counter India’s Rafales

Pakistan has procured 25 Chinese multi-role J-10C fighter jets, the country’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced in a public event last week. The politician said Pakistan acquired the jets, manufactured by Chengdu Aerospace Corporation, to counter India’s 36 Dassault Rafales, which Pakistan’s regional arch rival is procuring from France since 2016. Even though Pakistan […]

Pakistan’s J-10C vs. India’s Su-30MKI: Which Has the Most Capable Top Fighter?

Confirmation that Pakistan has become the first client for the Chinese J-10C ‘4++ generation’ single engine fighter has raised multiple questions regarding the future of the Pakistani Air Force and how the balance of power in South Asia will be affected. The acquisition was confirmed by Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed, who stated in late […]

L3Harris streamlines with a focus on missile defense, space – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

L3Harris headquarters in Melbourne, Fla. (Via WASHINGTON: L3Harris has streamlined its business focus, in effect dropping its commercial aviation unit to lean into defense operations — including its rapidly growing footprint in military space. “Our intent remains clear: Be the trusted disruptor for U.S., allied, and partner national security endeavors,” said Christopher Kubasik, vice […]

World Powers Make Rare Pledge to Prevent Nuclear Weapons Spread

Five global nuclear powers pledged Monday to prevent atomic weapons spreading and to avoid nuclear conflict, in a rare joint statement setting aside rising West-East tensions to reaffirm a goal of a nuke-free world. “We believe strongly that the further spread of such weapons must be prevented,” said permanent UN Security Council members China, France, Russia, the UK, and […]