China’s mysterious hypersonic test may take a page from DARPA’s past – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

DARPA’s Common Aero Vehicle and submunitions, circa late 1990s. (Image: discontinued National Security Space Roadmap website) WASHINGTON: The ongoing drips and drabs of unclear information leaking from the Pentagon about this summer’s Chinese hypersonic test are raising red flags for physicists and experts, who are questioning whether claims about the results of the test stand […]

Northrop Demonstrates Mini-CNI System

American defense firm Northrop Grumman has demonstrated its mini Communications, Navigation, and Identification (CNI) system for use in supporting US Army multi-domain operations. The system features autonomous fault detection and system reconfiguration capabilities. It also has resilient “sensor-to-shooter” links, which provide improved frequency agility and spectral awareness. The small, lightweight, high-powered system […]

Space Force sees AI as ‘absolutely essential’ for JADC2 – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

NORTHCOM’s Global Information Dominance Experiment 3 (GIDE 3) testing AI decision aids for commanders ran from July 8-15 WASHINGTON: Without artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, the Pentagon’s ambitious Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative simply will not be doable, according to Space Force and industry officials. Brig. Gen. John Olsen, mobilization assistant […]

Saab Begins Gripen E Fighter Deliveries to Brazil, Sweden

Swedish corporation Saab announced the serial production of the Gripen E fighter on Wednesday, presenting six aircraft to be delivered to the Brazilian and Swedish air forces. Four aircraft will be delivered to Brazil and two to the Swedish, the company revealed. The delivery phase of the first serial #Gripen E has started. Celebrate this […]

Saab Launches High-Mast Giraffe 4A AESA Radar 

Swedish defense giant Saab has launched a high-mast solution for its Giraffe 4A active electronically scanned array radar. The company developed the configuration with Finnish partner Conlog Oyin to overcome physical challenges such as forests and urban surroundings with tall buildings that disrupt the radar’s line of sight. “The unique combination of […]