ESA opens concept store in central Rome

Agency 28/09/2022 722 views 27 likes ESA Space Shop is bringing space closer to the people of Rome! The first physical ESA Space Shop concept store mixes space fashion with cosmic in-store experiences and official ESA merchandise. This temporary store, open for three months only in Rome city centre, is the first time ESA Space […]

Essentium Demonstrates Field-Deployable 3D Printer to US Navy

Essentium has demonstrated the viability and efficacy of its field-deployable 3D printing technology at the US Navy’s REPTX 2022 (Repair Technology Exercise) in Port Hueneme, California. Essentium’s modified Essentium 280i HSE 3D Printer is categorized as an additive manufacturing technology that has the potential to enhance the navy’s “ability to perform expeditionary maintenance operations.” The […]

Why the US stands out for fatal police violence

Share this Article You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license. Police officers in the United States receive less training—an average of five months in the classroom—than those in 18 countries, research finds. According to the data, the rate of fatal police shootings in the US in 2019 (3.1 per […]

Hurricane Ian Enters the Gulf of Mexico – Headed Toward the West Coast of Florida

By Kathryn Hansen, NASA Earth Observatory September 28, 2022 Hurricane Ian Enters the Gulf of Mexico, September 27, 2022. After making landfall in Cuba, the category 3 storm entered the Gulf of Mexico and appeared headed toward the west coast of Florida. On September 27, 2022, after making landfall in western Cuba, Hurricane Ian entered […]

Images Show Large Chunk of Asteroid Missing After NASA Impact

There’s a huge dent in it. Busted Up New photos appear to show exactly how big of a chunk NASA’s asteroid battering ram took out of a space rock yesterday. Although the asteroid didn’t pose a threat to Earth, the collision was part of the space agency’s Double Asteroid Reduction Test (DART), a trial of […]

NASA moon rocket back in hangar, launch unlikely until November

The NASA moon rocket, right, slated for the Artemis mission to the moon rolls back to the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022, in Cape Canaveral, Fla. The launch of the rocket was postponed due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Ian. Credit: AP Photo/John Raoux NASA’s moon rocket […]

NASA’s First-Ever Planetary Defense Test

NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) targeted the asteroid moonlet Dimorphos, a small body just 530 feet (160 meters) in diameter. It orbits a larger, 2,560-foot (780-meter) asteroid called Didymos. Neither asteroid poses a threat to Earth. The mission’s one-way trip confirmed NASA can successfully navigate a spacecraft to intentionally collide with an asteroid to […]

NASA to assess SLS work and next launch opportunities after rollback

KAHULUI, Hawaii — With the Space Launch System now safely back inside the Vehicle Assembly Building ahead of Hurricane Ian, NASA is now studying what work to do on the rocket to prepare for a next launch attempt unlikely to occur before mid-November. The SLS and Orion spacecraft arrived back in the VAB at 9:15 […]

Like a Swarm of Bees, These Drones Can 3D Print Structures While in Flight

I admit: if I see a beehive, I back away—fresh honey be damned. But part of me is also fascinated. Beehives are a remarkable feat of engineering. Made of materials from tree buds to chewed-up wax, swarms of bees deposit these raw ingredients into densely-packed honeycombs—each a geometric masterpiece—while flying in the air. In stark contrast, […]