Angels are Aliens, and are the Cause of Biblical Events, Says Minister

Minister Believes Angels May Have Been Alien Beings - The Arizona Republic 4-22-1989.png
     He [Rev. Barry H. Downing] theorizes that activities
of UFO-borne “higher beings” or “angels,” likely from another dimension
rather than from other planets, are indicated in biblical events ranging
from Egypt to Christ’s ascension.

By The Arizona Republic

[…] “Usually these beings looked very much like ordinary beings (they almost
never have wings). … Once the ‘package’ of biblical religion had been
delivered, man became responsible for the distribution the contents.”

Downing said a hovering, UFO-like “cloud” by day and glowing “pillar of fire”
by night guided the Israelites out of Egypt, projecting some force that parted
the Red Sea, leading them for years across the desert.

Other events he sees as carried out by UFOs include:

The fire like phenomenon on Mount Sinai in which Moses received the Ten
Commandments, the Prophet Elijah taken to heaven in a fiery chariot, the star
of Bethlehem, the engulfing light of Jesus’ transfiguration, his being “lifted
up” at his ascension and the blinding visitation of Paul on the road to

“All these were UFO types of reports,” Downing said.

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