Google launches Gemini 1.5 with ‘experimental’ 1M token context

Google has unveiled its latest AI model, Gemini 1.5, which features what the company calls an “experimental” one million token context window.  The new capability allows Gemini 1.5 to process extremely long text passages – up to one million characters – to understand context and meaning. This dwarfs previous AI systems like Claude 2.1 and […]

LimeWire Now Has An AI Art Generator. Here’s How To Use It

Remember LimeWire? Before Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, the platform was how kids my generation shared music, film, and television content with each other. LimeWire was just one of several “file-sharing” sites like Napster and *cough* PirateBay, and record label executives detested those platforms. They absolutely disliked how ‘Ne_Yo_So_Sick.mp3’ was able to be so seamlessly […]

How the Ohio Supercomputer Center Drives the Future of Computing

NASCAR races are all about speed, but even the fastest cars need to factor in safety, especially as rules and tracks change. The Ohio Supercomputer Center is ready to help. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, host Noah Kravitz speaks with Alan Chalker, the director of strategic programs at the OSC, about all things […]

OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT memory to select users

OpenAI has begun rolling out memory capabilities to a select number of ChatGPT users this week. Memory will allow the conversational agent to recall details from previous chats in order to provide more personalised and contextually relevant responses.  According to OpenAI, ChatGPT’s memory will improve over time as users interact with it more. For example, […]

Beautiful Swans Secret Garden Window Card by Lynn Dionne

Happy Wednesday Ai Fans!!! Watch video tutorial here!!! Today we will be using a brand-new stamp set from Art Impressions! This is called My Favorite Bird Set (5820) and includes the two beautiful swans that we will be using on our card. It also includes some lovely pelicans, two different sizes of owls, some tiny […]

A flexible library for auditing differential privacy – Google Research Blog

Posted by Mónica Ribero Díaz, Research Scientist, Google Research Differential privacy (DP) is a property of randomized mechanisms that limit the influence of any individual user’s information while processing and analyzing data. DP offers a robust solution to address growing concerns about data protection, enabling technologies across industries and government applications (e.g., the US census) […] and Deutsche Telekom partner to converge AI and blockchain

Deutsche Telekom has announced a collaboration with UK-based AI startup to promote cutting-edge AI and blockchain solutions.  As the first major corporate partner of the Foundation, Deutsche Telekom joins forces with Bosch and in supporting an open AI and blockchain platform aimed at widespread adoption. Its subsidiary, Deutsche Telekom MMS, will also […]

Telcos to spend $20B on AI network orchestration by 2028

Telecom companies are expected to increase their spending on AI for automating network management to $20 billion by 2028, a new report from Juniper Research found. This would represent a 240 percent rise from estimated spending levels in 2024 of $6 billion. The researchers predict the investment growth will be necessary as telcos expand 5G […]