Su-35’s Triple Radars Provide Maximum Situational Awareness Against Stealth Targets

Entering service from 2014, the Su-35 heavyweight fighter is currently the most capable in the Russian inventory and represents the latest of a series of heavily enhanced derivatives of the top Soviet air superiority fighter the Su-27 Flanker. Initially developed for export, the cancellation of the MiG 1.42 fifth generation fighter program in 1999, and […]

Taiwan Commissions 64 Locally Modernised F-16V Fighters With New AESA Radars

Following the initiation of a domestic program in 2016 to upgrade ageing F-16A/B fighters to the F-16V standard, with the integration of new avionics and engines, the Taiwanese Aerospace Industry Development Centre has delivered 62 modernised airframes. These deliveries have brought the fleet of modernised F-16s to 64, with two more having been upgraded in […]

DoD issues cloud solicitations to AWS, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

The Pentagon’s cloud computing contract moves slightly closer to reality. (File) WASHINGTON: The Defense Department today announced it has issued solicitations to Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle for its Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability, or JWCC, an important development in what has been the Pentagon’s longer-than-expected journey to acquire enterprise cloud computing capabilities. JWCC […]

Chinese Hypersonic Glide Vehicle ‘Went Around the World’ – JCS Vice Chair Warns

Vice Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Hyten warned on November 18th regarding the growing capabilities of Chinese intercontinental range missiles that the latest test of a hypersonic glide vehicle was highly concerning for American interests. “They launched a long-range missile. It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide […]

Raytheon, Northrop, Lockheed to compete for hypersonic interceptor – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

Raytheon artistic rendering of a GPI conceptual design. (Raytheon illustration) WASHINGTON: The Missile Defense Agency has tapped Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to compete in developing a new Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI), a defensive hypersonic weapon designed to take out adversary hypersonic missiles midcourse during their unpowered flight. Raytheon Missiles and Defense was awarded […]

US Army to Order 8 Prototype Stryker-Mounted Laser Weapons

The US Army will issue a request to aerospace firm Kord Technologies to develop enhanced prototypes of an air-defense laser weapon to be integrated into the Stryker armored combat vehicle. To be issued by the service’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, the request will ask the defense company to produce eight […]