Connecting Art Science & Technology

Science and technology are the frontiers of today's world. Art enhances the human experience. Newzlab examines how each influences the others.

Newzlab is a web based email marketing program owned and operated by AMI Studios Inc. AMI Studios Inc is a marketing company specializing in developing marketing tools such as websites, blogs, email marketing, web hosting, domain registration and other business solutions.

Helping businesses since 2001 AMI Studios offers the Newzlab email marketing tool in response to the growing demand by website owners to maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers, prospects and subscribers.

Newzlab offers the advantage of running your email marketing campaign directly from the Internet so you can access your account and manage your campaign from any computer with an Internet connection.

Newzlab also features an HTML based email editor that allows you to send rich text emails including photos and hyperlinks to increase your readers’ interest.

With our Statistics feature you can see how many of your subscribers have read your email, how many times they’ve opened the email and what links they visited from within the email. It also shows the number of readers who Unsubscribed from your list and provides additional data to help you improve your emails each time you send to your subscribers.